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A Free Ballet Costume for 6.5 inch Mini Dolls

September 26th, 2018

When I was writing my newest book, Learn to Hand Sew for Mini Dolls, I created several patterns that I could not use in the book. Some of the patterns were not easy enough for the book. Some of the patterns could not be made with knits and I had decided that all the clothing should be made from knit fabric. My favorite pattern that did not make the book is this ballet costume.

The little tutu is made from tulle and is too difficult for a beginner. Here is a picture of a second, easier version of the tutu.

The free instructions include both versions of the tutu. Neither version is difficult for an experienced sewer, but I don’t think that a beginner should try either version.

The leotard is difficult to cut out, but once it is cut out I think that a beginner can sew it with needle and thread. An experienced sewer can make this whole costume or let a beginner help complete the easy parts.

I am giving this pattern away because I think it is too cute not to publish and I don’t have a place for it in any of my books right now. If you like the pattern, I hope that you look at my books, Sewing for Mini Dolls, which is for intermediate sewers and Learn to Hand Sew for Mini Dolls, which is for beginners. You might find a use for one or both or the books.

Click here for free ballet pattern 2.



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A New Sewing Book For Beginners

September 24th, 2018

After I wrote the first edition of Sewing for Mini Dolls, many of my readers tried to use the book to teach their children and grandchildren to sew. I did not intend this book for children. Using a sewing machine to make items as small as mini doll clothing can be challenging for the beginner.

I considered including simplified handsewing patterns for beginners in the revised edition of Sewing for Mini Dolls that I wrote last year. I found that the book was too long for the added patterns.

I have just completed and published a separate book of simplified doll clothes patterns. If you need something for the complete beginner try my new book Learn to Hand Sew for Mini Dolls. The patterns will fit American Girl mini dolls, Target’s Our Generation mini dolls and Lori mini, Madame Alexander Travel Friends dolls, and my cloth doll Twinkle.

I have also found that these easy clothes sew up very, very quickly. I am planning to make a bunch of them for my Blue Santa project this year.

Check back in a few days for a free pattern that will fit the dolls that I have mentioned in this post.



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A New Edition of Sewing for Mini Dolls

September 28th, 2017


American Girl® Dolls has recently slightly changed the body of their American Girl mini doll.  Target now has Our Generation® mini dolls and Lori® mini dolls. Because of these changes, I decided to revise my “Sewing for Mini Dolls” book.

I have changed my Twinkle doll pattern to more nearly match these commercial dolls and have revised my mini doll clothing patterns to give them a better fit on these new dolls.

Because I was revising my mini doll book anyway, I decided to add new patterns to the book to offer a more complete doll wardrobe. I have also added accessories and extras to make the book more fun.

I have simplified the shoe patterns and added new touches to patterns that were in the book’s first edition.

I have slightly changed the book’s formatting.

I hope that you will take the time to check out my new book on Amazon. Sewing for Mini Dolls: New and Updated Patterns for Mini Dolls

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