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Two New Books

August 25th, 2013

My husband (tech support) and I have just published two new books.

Here is the cover for Sewing for Large Dolls.

Here is the cover for Sewing for Mini Dolls.

The books are available from Amazon, and They should soon be available from Barnes and Noble and

Sewing for Large Dolls includes my Kitty doll pattern and all of her clothes and shoe patterns. Her clothes will fit other eighteen inch (46 cm) dolls such as American Girl dolls and dolls from the Springfield collection.

Sewing for Mini Dolls includes my six and one half inch (16.5 cm) Twinkle doll and her patterns. Twinkle’s patterns will fit other dolls her size such as the American Girl Mini dolls. The instructions for Twinkle and her clothing are the same as those in Florabunda’s book, but the patterns and measurements are for the smaller Twinkle doll.

To see the books on Amazon click here. To see the books on click here.

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My Newest Patterns

October 7th, 2012

My two new patterns, Kitty, a Soft Doll, and Kitty A-line Dress and Short Jacket, are now available to purchase and download.

Kitty is an eighteen inch (46 cm) doll. She can wear the same clothes as dolls from the American Girl Collection. I know of two very nice doll patterns available that make an American Girl size doll out of knit fabric. I wanted an eighteen inch (46 cm) doll made from woven fabric, because I like to make doll faces with colored pens and pencils. When I make dolls from knits, I must either paint or embroider the face. I have designed a head that is very easy to sew together. Sometimes a woven cloth doll head is difficult to sew. The dollmaker may need to spent a lot of time clipping and easing the fabric to construct the doll’s head correctly. The pieces of this doll head fit together without any easing. Also it is easy to attach the head to the body. The head and body are sewn together before the center-back seam is completed. The pattern offers optional ears, fingers, and needle sculpted toes. The dollmaker may use a purchased wig or use the included instructions for a yarn wig that may be styled several ways.

Kitty can wear the clothes made from patterns in my Learning to Sew for Your Doll book and my new A-line dress pattern. The Kitty A-line Dress and Jacket will fit Kitty, American Girl dolls and many other eighteen inch (46 cm) dolls. It is a good basic outfit that goes together quickly. The jacket can be used with the sundress and summer top patterns that are found in my book. You can add buttons, lace, pin tucks, appliques, or ruffles to give the A-line dress your personal touch.

Please take a moment to go go to the pattern page and look at my two new patterns.

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Learning to Sew

April 13th, 2012

I have finished my third book. It is called Learn to Sew for your Doll.

It is a little different from my patterns and my other two books. This book is written for elementary students to use with an adult. It is a series of sewing skills presented in a learning sequence. The patterns are for bedding and clothing for eighteen inch ( forty-five centimeter) commercial dolls, such as the Springfield dolls or the American Girl dolls. I think that making clothing for larger dolls is a good starting place to learn to sew.

I felt comfortable writing this book, because I taught elementary school and have an MA degree in curriculum and instruction.

If you think that this book sounds interesting, please go to the the “My Books” page on this website. You can learn more about it and also see ways to order it.

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