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My New Book

August 23rd, 2014


My newest book is on loom knitting for dolls. I wrote it for children, but I think that an adult like me who sews, but doesn’t knit very often, might enjoy making the items in the book to enrich a doll’s wardrobe. If you would like to see all of the projects in the book, check My Books page.

Here is a picture of Samantha and mini Samantha wearing backpacks made from instructions found in the book.


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Making Summer Pajamas for Your American Girl Mini Doll

June 21st, 2014

I made a pair of cool cotton pajamas for my Isabelle mini doll using my free Sundress and Summer Top pattern and the bloomers pattern from my A-line dress pattern. The pattern size for mini dolls is marked with a star.

To make the pajamas more comfortable, I hemmed the pants legs without adding the elastic suggested in the pattern instructions.

You can find the free summer top pattern on my pattern page by clicking here. If you would like to order the A-line dress pattern, you can scroll down to the second pattern below the free pattern on that page.

My down-loadable pattern has three sizes of small doll patterns. If you are only interested in sewing for mini dolls, I think that the better value is my Sewing for Mini Dolls book. The book has all the small doll clothing patterns found on my pattern page, but only in the mini doll size. The book also has shoe patterns, including the bunny slippers that Isabelle is wearing. You can learn how to order Sewing for Mini Dolls by going to My Books page.

If you want to draft your own pants pattern watch the Froggy Stuff video How to Make Doll Pants.

Here is Isabelle wearing her new pajamas:


You can find a free pattern for her Teddy Bear on Florabunda’s Page. Choose Beginning Sewing Projects from the directory and select the stuffed bear pattern. Use the pattern that is marked with a flower.

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Pipecleaner Dogs for Your American Girl Mini

June 3rd, 2014

I made dogs from pipecleaners for my AG mini using instructions from a video that you can find here.

The video is from “My Froggy Stuff.” “Froggy” is a charming and creative lady with a lot of amazing ideas for doll accessories. After watching the doggy video, you might want to watch more of her doll craft videos.

I used one eighth inch (3 mm) black glass beads for the tan dog’s eyes and both dogs’ noses. Not all of the beads would fit on the pipecleaner, so I used wiggle eyes for the white dog’s eyes. Here is my mini Isabelle with her two new pets.


Playing with American Girl mini dolls

An Easter Basket for Your American Girl Mini Doll

April 16th, 2014

There is still time to make an Easter basket for your American Girl mini doll. Go to Easy Craft Projects on Florabunda’s Page. Select “Tiny Basket Project” for the basket’s instructions and pattern.

Here is my new mini, Isabelle, with her Easter Basket.


The little chocolate bunny came in a package of five bunnies. They are delicious.

Playing with American Girl mini dolls