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Problems with Measurement

I am amazed at the riches that the internet adds to our lives. It is so easy to find answers to questions and to make friends all over the world. The wonderful prospects for communication also have made me look carefully at things that I have always taken for granted, such as measurement systems.

My younger son is home from college for a few days. He mentioned to me that only the United States and one other country in the entire world had not gone on the metric system. In the US we really have a blend of measurements. Science and medicine use metrics. The doll joints and animal eyes that I use as well as silk embroidery ribbon are  labeled with millimeters. But it has always been convenient for me to use inches and fraction of inches when I am sewing.

Since we have been tracking the hits on this blog, I have noticed that a large portion of my readers live outside the US. I need to do something about all the inches and fraction of inches that I use in my patterns and sewing tips.

My goal is to add a conversion chart to my Tips, Tools, and Techniques free download. In the meantime here are a few measurements converted to metric.

 One fourth inch equals 6 millimeters. 

American Girl® mini, Twinkle, and Corelle’s®small doll are about 17 centimeters tall.

Vogue’s Modern Ginny®, Floribunda, and Madam Alexander’s Wendy® are about 19 centimeters tall.

Tender Heart and Effanbee’s ® Li’l Innocents® are about 21 centimeters tall.

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