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Overcasting Stitch

March 6th, 2011

Using overcasting to close a body back stuffing opening

Start sewing at the top of the stuffing opening on the left side of the opening. Hide the thread knot by inserting the needle into the top of the stuffing opening and bringing it out on the left side.
Make a stitch straight across the opening to the right side.
Make the second stitch going right to left slightly slanted. The second stitch in each pair will be inside the closing, so that the visible stitches go straight across the stuffing opening.
Continue back and forth  keeping the outside stitching straight
Pull the stitches tight as you sew. The figure below shows loose stitches to illustrate thread placement.



Using overcasting to close an arm or leg

Finish stuffing each piece.
Tuck the raw edges of the stuffing opening inside the arm or leg.
Hold the edges of the stuffing opening together as you sew.
Sew both sides of the opening together with each stitch.
Keep the stitches small and close together.

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