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Some Basic Hand Stitches

February 20th, 2011

This week I am going to write about some very basic hand stitches. Next week I will write about some slightly more complicated hand stitches that are very useful for doll making.

One stitch is defined as the needle going into and coming out of the fabric.
Running stitch
Several stitches are made with the needle before the thread is pulled through the fabric.

Basting stitches
Basting stitches are running stitches used to hold fabric together so that it can be sewn with a machine stitch.
Hand Gathering
Hand gathering stitches are running stitches that are pulled so that the fabric is gathered over the thread.
A slip-stitch is an almost invisible stitch. It is a good stitch to use when putting in a hem.
Finish the raw edge of the garment to be hemmed.
Press in the hem. For these small doll patterns the hem is usually half inch.
Use a few pins to hold the hem in place.
Check the length on the doll before continuing.
Fold the finished edge back about one eighth inch.

Take about an one eighth inch stitch through the folded back edge. Pull the thread through the fabric.
Catch two or three threads and take a small stitch on the part of the hem that will be visible on the dress.
Take the next stitch in the folded back edge. For these small hems the visible stitches should about one quarter inch apart.

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