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Transferring Pattern Markings to Fabric Part I

February 6th, 2011


This week I am going to write about choosing pens and pencils for marking fabric. Next week I will discuss methods for accurately transferring pattern markings to fabric. My short cuts work for small doll size projects. They may not work for people size projects. You can find other more traditional methods for marking fabric in sewing handbooks. 

A thin line air soluble (vanishing ink) pen works well for marking on the right side of the fabric. I find that the thicker line air soluble pens are not precise enough for marking small size sewing projects. Mark with this thin type of pen just before sewing, because it disappears quickly. Sometimes the markings will last a few hours or a few days zipped in an air tight plastic bag. The length of time the marking lasts depends on the age of the pen and the amount of humidity in the air.

For marks on the wrong side of the fabric and marks for embroidery designs, I like to use Prismacolor pencils. They wash out easily.  I keep a sharp point on these pencils to help mark the fabric accurately.

Your can also purchase various colored chalks or try a marking wheel and transfer paper.

I like the thin air soluble pen and Prismacolor pencils, because I get a very precise mark from them.

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