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The Pressing Needs of Doll Dressmaking

January 30th, 2011


Sewers know how important it is to press seams during the construction of fabric projects. In addition to a steam iron and full size ironing board I have several other things to help with pressing doll size garments. One gadget was made especially for doll dressmaking.  I have adapted the other things to help me sew for dolls.

I have a small ironing board that is made for pressing doll clothes. I find it very useful. It makes pressing little sleeves and hems easier.

A sleeve roll is sometimes a good choice for pressing small sewing projects, because small pieces can be pinned to it. I plush the pins straight down into the roll as if it were a pin cushion. The pins are difficult to see in this picture, because I used flat head silk pins to make pressing easier.

I use light card board strips to help me accurately press under fabric widths. Cut one half inch wide strips from a 5 x 8 inch index card printed with a one fourth inch grid. To accurately press under a one half inch of fabric pull the edge of fabric over the card board strip and press. To press under a one fourth inch of fabric pull the fabric to the one fourth inch line on the card board strip and press.

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