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A Matter of Priorities

January 13th, 2013

A month or two ago, as I was coming home from a shopping trip to JoAnn’s Fabric and Crafts, I was stopped by a police officer. No, I didn’t get a traffic ticket. I was trying to turn left and go up the hill to get to our house. The policeman told me about an accident. At the bottom of the hill, a crew had been doing maintenance work on our water lines. They had accidentally broken a gas line.

I looked down the road passed the officer, and I could see something coming out of a pipe. Whatever it was that was pouring out, almost flowed like water. However, the street wasn’t getting any wetter, and there was a strong smell of gas in the air. The policeman told me that I could go home, but if the wind changed, I would have to leave again.

When I got home and told my husband about the leak, we decided to leave for a while. We stuffed our two cats into their cat carriers and went out to lunch. The only thing besides the cats that we took with us was my husband’s laptop.

I didn’t really think that our house would  burn down, but I still worried a little that it might. We have insurance, of course, but it would be very traumatic to lose our house and everything in it. I kept thinking about the things in the house that it would be hard or impossible to replace.

One thing that my mind kept going back to was my twenty year old Bernina sewing machine. I have had it a long time, but it is still one of my favorite worldly possessions. My Bernina and I make a great team. I know how it works, and it knows how to sew for me. If anything like this incident happens again, the cats still have top priority, but I think that I will take my Bernina along, too.

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