Sewing Patterns for Cloth Dolls, Doll Clothes, and Accessories

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Princess Irene

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Princess Irene is the princess in George McDonald's book The Princess and the Goblin.

Irene wears a peasant dress with a leafy design on the skirt. The skirt design is worked in shadow embroidery. Instructions for a ring and necklace are included in the pattern. The doll requires purchased wig, shoes, and socks.

The pattern has been revised slightly since its magazine publication. It is formatted differently and it no longer includes a gown pattern. Irene is about 15 inches tall and can share clothes with the Madam Alexander 14 inch dolls.

This pattern is for people with intermediate sewing and dollmaking skills. It has fewer illustrations than most of my patterns and does not include a bonus sheet.

Princess Irene

Kitty, a Soft Doll

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Kitty is an 18 inch (46 cm) doll. The finished doll can share clothes with 18 inch dolls such as American Girl Collection dolls and The Springfield Collection dolls. It can wear clothes made from the patterns in my book, Learning to Sew for Your Doll.

This pattern is for people with intermediate sewing skills. The head is easy to sew together and easy to join to the body. It includes optional details such as ears, fingers, and toes. It also contains optional instructions for preparing a fabric sheet and printing the doll's face outline with an ink jet printer.

Kitty Doll

Twinkle, a 6.5 Inch Mini Doll

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Twinkle is a 6½" (16.5 cm) mini doll. The doll can share clothes with the 6½" American Girl® Mini Dolls and with Target's Our Generation® mini dolls and Lori® mini dolls. The pattern is suited to a sewer with intermediate level skills. The patterns are taken from my new Sewing for Mini Dolls book. If you have that book, you already have this doll pattern. The pattern has 13 pages of instructions and 8 pattern pieces for the doll, camisole, and panties. Additional pages cover helpful sewing tips.

You can sew up the doll described from these patterns using your own fabric or you can purchase the pattern pieces preprinted on a fat quarter of cut-and-sew fabric. I like using the cut-and-sew fabric because the doll goes together much faster that way. But, the cut-and-sew fabric is more expensive than fabric you can purchase in stores.

Four additional pages of these instructions also describe how to purchase and use the optional cut-and-sew fabric to make the doll plus how to make the sneakers and slippers included with one of the cut-and-sew fat quarters.

Twinkle Doll

Sundress and Summer Top

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This is a simple project and lets you check out your skills and equipment to see how easy it is to sew for small dolls.

Click the name of your favorite doll to see it wearing the pattern.

Doll wearing Sundress Sherralyn's Dolls
American Girl Mini
Amanda Jane
Vogue's Ginny
Madam Alexander's Wendy
Lilian Vernon
Effanbee's Li'l Innocents

Tips, Tools, and Techniques

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Tips, Tools, and Techniques is a free ten page booklet taken from my blog. I recommend that you download it if you plan on using any of my patterns.

Sometimes my pattern instructions refer to this booklet. You should also check the booklet if the instructions don't cover a procedure in enough detail for you.

Miniature Quilt Blocks

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This is the download for miniature quilt blocks.

These can be used as alternatives to the quilt blocks in the Doll Bed and Accessories pattern that is available above.