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Florabunda the Christmas Angel

December 18th, 2012

We have a small tree this year and so I decided that my small doll, Florabunda, would make a great angel for the top of the tree. I made her gown from my “Gown,Smock, and Two Tiered Skirt” pattern. I cut the pattern from white bridal satin and made the skirt extra long. The wings are from two layers of gold lame bonded together with low heat fusible webbing. Her halo is made from a pipe-cleaner wrapped in gold midi braid.

Here is a picture of our little tree with Florabunda perched proudly on the top.




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Christmas Dolls for 2012

October 14th, 2012

I like to dress a doll or two every year to donate to Blue Santa or similar groups. This year I decided to use my own patterns to dress an eighteen inch (46 cm) doll and an American Girl mini. I am going to donate the dolls as two separate gifts, but I am making them matching outfits for my own pleasure.

Last week I made dresses using my A-line patterns. I added the ruffles as an experiment. Instructions for ruffles at the hem are not included in my A-line patterns. I may blog about how to add ruffles at a later time. Here are the two Christmas dolls wearing their first outfits.

I am also making Florabunda matching clothes, so that I will have a record of the doll clothes that I am making this year. Here is Florabunda wearing her new dress. Kitty is modeling the larger Christmas dress, just for fun.

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Printing on Fabric

April 16th, 2012

Look at the right bottom corner of my new book’s cover.

Florabunda is wearing a sundress that matches the eighteen inch doll’s dress. Here is a close-up of the two dolls.

The pattern on Florabunda’s dress is scaled to match her smaller size. The smaller size print was not available at a fabric shop, so it was printed with a computer printer on printable fabric. I do not have the skills to create this interesting fabric on my own. I had my husband’s help and we found that the project took more effort than we expected. The first step was to scan the original fabric.

Then we picked out a rectangle of fabric that included the complete design without any repetition.

My husband used a photo-processing program to straighten the design so that it would match the straight of grain when it was printed. He also used the program to crop the scan, leaving only one complete design.

While he was still in the program, he shrank the design and then repeated it until the now smaller design would cover a sheet of printable fabric.

The colors on the first printed sheet did not match the original.

We went back to the photo-processing program and worked on making the colors match. We printed several paper samples before using another sheet of printable fabric.

The computer printed fabric is a little more difficult to sew on than regular fabric. It is slightly thicker and does not drape as well. It took some effort but, I was happy with the little dress when I had finished it.

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I’m Back

April 9th, 2012

I am sorry that I have not posted in a while. As a rule I try to post every week. For the last few months, I have been writing books, and I haven’t had any words left over for the blog, or even to keep up emails with my friends.

Here is my latest book,Sew a Small Doll and Her Clothing:

This book contains the pattern for Florabunda, all of her clothing patterns, and her shoe patterns. If you are interested in a 7.5 inch (19 cm) cloth doll patterns or clothing patterns for this size doll, and would prefer a hard copy to a downloaded pdf, please check this book out on “My Books” page.

My next book should be out early this week. I will tell you about it soon.

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Christmas Shopping Ideas

November 20th, 2011

A kit of basic sewing tools is a nice gift for many people. Anyone who wants or needs to learn a few sewing skills would appreciate the gift. Check my free download “Tips, Tools, and Techniques” (available on my patterns page) for tool suggestions.
If you are making a doll wardrobe for a special little girl’s Christmas, she might enjoy a sewing kit. She could try her hand at sewing for her doll after Christmas. The pillow, pillowcase, and cover from my “Doll Bed and Accessories” pattern are excellent patterns for beginners. Next she can make the simple sundress  from my free sundress pattern. It is also a good pattern fro beginners.
With a few tools and instructions you might give someone a lifetime of sewing pleasure.

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Dolls in Classic Dresses

October 9th, 2011

The pattern I am currently designing for princesses’ ballgowns can change to a pattern for  girls’ classic dresses. Fabrics, trims, and skirt lengths make all the difference.
Here are my three small dolls in their classic dresses.

The girls have dressed up before having  tea from my dainty tea set. The set is new. I couldn’t resist showing it. It was hand painted by Ellen Westmoreland, a friend of mine. Ellen’s business is called Ellen’s Hand Painted Treasures.
To see the ballgowns check my posts for September 18 and 25.

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Two More Princesses

September 25th, 2011

I have finished Tender Heart and Twinkle’s ballgowns. Tender Heart’s gown has a slightly higher neckline than the ballgowns for the two smaller dolls.
I am happy with the design My husband copied the patterns into the computer and tidied them up for me. I still have to edit my instructions. I also need to sew the dresses with shorter skirts and less elaborate trims to make a modern version of the pattern.
Here are Tender Heart and Twinkle in their ballgowns.

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A Princess Ball Gown

September 18th, 2011

My current pattern project is a ball gown for young princesses. I am designing it to fit my three small dolls. It is made with a bodice that stops at  the natural waist and a gathered skirt. With a shorter skirt and simpler decoration than the elaborate ornaments necessary for princesses, the pattern can make a classic little girl dress.
Here is Florabunda in her princess dress.
I am almost finished with Tender Heart and Twinkle’s dresses. I will show them to you next week. I hope to have the pattern completed in a few weeks.

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A Flower Quilt Block

July 24th, 2011

The free pdf of quilt blocks now contains a third quilt block. In addition to the mini Dutch Doll blocks, and the large Dutch Doll block there is a pattern for a flower applique quilt block.

If you are interested in any of the quilt tops, go to my patterns page. You can find the  download in the red box on the right that lists all the free downloads.
I was thinking of Florabunda when I made the flower quilt. Here she is taking a nap with her flower quilt.

Other dolls can use the quilt and bed, too. My Madame Alexander Wendy would fit the bed just fine.
Coming next week: A free download for a star applique quilt block. (Twinkle says it is about time!)
Coming in August: A chance to win a free pdf of your choice from my pattern selections.

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The First in a Series

July 10th, 2011

For the next few weeks technical support (husband) and I will be adding free patterns and downloads to my patterns page. The first four additions can be used with my pattern “Doll Bed and Accessories.” Today we are offering miniature Dutch Doll blocks.

If you liked the miniature Dutch Doll quilt that I first showed you in my June nineteenth blog, you can now download a PDF containing the five blocks on the pictured quilt plus a sixth block with only the outline of a Dutch Doll. The blocks are intended to be printed on a sheet of printable fabric. You can also trace the dolls onto fabric and color them with waterproof pens. If you want to make the quilt pictured, you will need my pattern “Doll Bed and Accessories.” I’m sure that there are other ways to use the download. Have fun and use your imagination.

If you are interested in this download, go to my patterns page. You can find the new download in the red box on the right that lists all the free downloads.
Coming next week: A free download of a pattern for a larger Dutch Doll that is appliqued onto a miniature quilt.

Coming in August: A chance to win a free pdf of your choice from my pattern selections.

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