Making Summer Pajamas for Your American Girl Mini Doll

June 21st, 2014

I made a pair of cool cotton pajamas for my Isabelle mini doll using my free Sundress and Summer Top pattern and the bloomers pattern from my A-line dress pattern. The pattern size for mini dolls is marked with a star.

To make the pajamas more comfortable, I hemmed the pants legs without adding the elastic suggested in the pattern instructions.

You can find the free summer top pattern on my pattern page by clicking here. If you would like to order the A-line dress pattern, you can scroll down to the second pattern below the free pattern on that page.

My down-loadable pattern has three sizes of small doll patterns. If you are only interested in sewing for mini dolls, I think that the better value is my Sewing for Mini Dolls book. The book has all the small doll clothing patterns found on my pattern page, but only in the mini doll size. The book also has shoe patterns, including the bunny slippers that Isabelle is wearing. You can learn how to order Sewing for Mini Dolls by going to My Books page.

If you want to draft your own pants pattern watch the Froggy Stuff video How to Make Doll Pants.

Here is Isabelle wearing her new pajamas:


You can find a free pattern for her Teddy Bear on Florabunda’s Page. Choose Beginning Sewing Projects from the directory and select the stuffed bear pattern. Use the pattern that is marked with a flower.

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A Free Sundress Pattern for Your American Girl Mini

June 13th, 2014

I made a new sundress for my mini Isabelle using my free sundress pattern. You can find a free copy of the pattern on my Pattern Page.

The size pattern that fits AG mini dolls is marked with a star. I used a longer piece of wider ribbon than is listed in the pattern instructions. The shoulder bows were easier to tie with the new size ribbon.

You can find a larger pattern for the sundress that fits eighteen inch (46 cm) dolls in my book, Learn to Sew for Your Doll. Learn more about the book and were to buy it on My Books page. Learn to Sew is the third book as you scroll down the page.

Here is mini Isabelle in her new dress.


Playing with American Girl mini dolls

Pipecleaner Dogs for Your American Girl Mini

June 3rd, 2014

I made dogs from pipecleaners for my AG mini using instructions from a video that you can find here.

The video is from “My Froggy Stuff.” “Froggy” is a charming and creative lady with a lot of amazing ideas for doll accessories. After watching the doggy video, you might want to watch more of her doll craft videos.

I used one eighth inch (3 mm) black glass beads for the tan dog’s eyes and both dogs’ noses. Not all of the beads would fit on the pipecleaner, so I used wiggle eyes for the white dog’s eyes. Here is my mini Isabelle with her two new pets.


Playing with American Girl mini dolls

An Easter Basket for Your American Girl Mini Doll

April 16th, 2014

There is still time to make an Easter basket for your American Girl mini doll. Go to Easy Craft Projects on Florabunda’s Page. Select “Tiny Basket Project” for the basket’s instructions and pattern.

Here is my new mini, Isabelle, with her Easter Basket.


The little chocolate bunny came in a package of five bunnies. They are delicious.

Playing with American Girl mini dolls

An Update for my Main Page

February 11th, 2014

Tech support (husband with the help of younger son) has updated the main page of my website. I really like the new look and I hope that you will check it out. Click  the “Main” button at the top of the page or click here.


Remember Valentine’s Day and My Free Patterns

February 2nd, 2014

Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away. If you are looking for an easy Valentine’s project, don’t forget all the free patterns on Florabunda’s Page on this website. Here is the cat I made for Valentine’s Day last year.

Heart CatThe original pattern used wiggle eyes and a pompom for the nose, but for my Valentine cat I used heart shaped buttons.

The cat sews up in a hurry. There is plenty of time to make it before Valentine’s Day. To download the cat pattern and other easy patterns, click Florabunda’s Page.

Free Patterns, hand sewing

Doll Toes

January 19th, 2014

One of the details that I enjoyed designing for my Kitty doll pattern was her toes. The current (Feb/Mar 2014) issue of Soft Dolls and Animals! includes an article that I wrote explaining how to add toes to a cloth doll foot pattern. Of course if you want a doll with toes, you can always make Kitty, but if you have another favorite pattern that needs toes, be sure to check out my article. The magazine has lots and lots of great patterns and ideas. SoftDoll2_2014

Pattern Making

A Gift Bag for Wrapping Kitty Doll

December 22nd, 2013

During September and October I blogged about a doll I made from my Kitty pattern. I made the doll as a Christmas present for a very young lady.

This month I made a draw string bag from two fabric fat quarters and strips of contrasting fabric to wrap this Kitty doll for Christmas. Here is a photo of  the bag turned wrong side out.

wrong side of bagSM

I folded each piece of contrasting fabric in half; sewed the contrasting fabric to the two fat quarters; sewed across the top of each piece of contrasting fabric to form a casing; and then pinned and sewed the two sides together. I started and stopped sewing at the casing openings so that I could insert ribbon drawstrings through the casings.

Here is the doll and her book ready to go inside the gift bag.

Kitty on bagSM

The doll is now inside the gift bag and under a Christmas tree, waiting (fairly) patiently for Christmas morning.

Kitty in bagSM

Christmas Sewing

Remember to Sign Your Dolls

November 24th, 2013

If you are selling or giving away cloth dolls that you have made, remember to sign and date your dolls. When I sign my dolls, I use an air soluble pen first and then go over the purple ink from the first pen with a permanent ink pen. I sign my dolls in an obscure spot on the back of the doll. I had planned to show you my signature on the Kitty doll that I made recently and discussed in my blog. I posed her for the photo and decided that the pose was too humiliating for poor Kitty. So I put her panties back on and told her that she was soon going to be a Christmas Doll. I hope that she forgave me.

Christmas Sewing

Quilting Experiments

November 17th, 2013

I am always experimenting with something or other. My family gets a little nervous when my experiments involve food, but my efforts occasionally turn out well. My most recent experiment was a attempt to quilt a cover for an eighteen inch (46 cm) doll. I used the instructions for the simple doll cover in my book Learn to Sew for Your Doll. Learn to Sew is the third book down on my book page. Instead of using light cotton fabric as the instructions suggest, I made the top from cotton flannel with an interesting design. I used fleece fabric for the lining. I quilted around some of the designs on the cover’s top. As you can see from the photo, my quilting techniques need a lot of work.

kitty quilt

My use of fleece for the lining, rather than sandwiching batting between the cover’s top and lining, gave the  quilt a soft drape. I am planning to continue work on the idea of a fleece lining to see if I can come up with something that I like.

If you are interested in quilting for dolls and would like to see the free patterns that I have for small doll quilts, click here to go to my pattern page. Click free miniature quilt blocks under  Small doll accessory patterns in the directory at the top of the page, or just scroll to the bottom of the page to see the patterns.

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