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Thoughts on Sewing Machines and their Accessories

January 23rd, 2011


It is much easier to sew small doll clothes and cloth dolls if you use a sewing machine with controllable speed. A sewing machine that only has a fast speed is hard to maneuver while you are sewing short seams and small curves. 

Two sewing machine feet that are very useful for sewing dolls and doll clothes are and open embroidery foot and a patchwork foot.

I use an open embroidery foot when I am sewing a traced shape such as an arm or leg for a cloth doll. The foot’s openness makes the line easy to see.

The patchwork foot is made for quilters, but it is great for sewing quarter inch seam allowances on doll clothes.

I have an ott-lite on my sewing table. It helps me to see the traced shapes that I am stitching with my open embroidery foot.

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