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Important Sewing Tools

January 2nd, 2011


I like sewing gadgets. I keep them in boxes and drawers all over my sewing room. If I had to decide on the most important sewing tools without listing the sewing machine itself, I would say: dressmaker scissors, an assortment of pins and a pin cushion, an assortment of hand sewing needles, a thimble, and a tape measure.


It is important that scissors are sharp and well made. I have both Gingher and Fiskars dressmaker shears. I can recommend either pair.

I usually use glass head silk pins, but sometimes I use silk pins with a smaller metal head. I have an over sized tomato pin cushion and now a globe pin cushion made from the free pattern  offered on this website. (see patterns)

I have an assortment of hand sewing needles. Different sewing jobs need different size needles.

Not everyone uses a thimble, but I can’t get along without one.


Along with my regular width tape measure I have a narrow tape measure made to use for doll making.

I have a few more tools that I use frequently. I have even more gadgets that I enjoy using at times. The six tools that I have named are the ones that I would list if I were playing the what to take to a desert island game for sewing tools.

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