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Closing a Garment with Hook and Loop Tape

November 7th, 2010


I like to close garments for small dolls with short pieces of hook and loop tape. In this method the left and right sides of the closing will be side by side like a zipper closing rather than overlapping like closings with buttons or snaps.

Use your favorite method to finish each side of the opening.

Press each finished side of the opening one half inch to the inside.

Take a 1 inch length of three fourths inch wide hook and loop tape. The hook side and the loop side of the tape should be fastened.

Split this tape in half lengthwise so that there are two 1 inch lengths of three eighths inch tape.

Separate the tape into the hook and loop sides.

Take the hook side of one of the tape pairs and lay it face up partly under the right side of the opening at the top of the opening. About one fourth inch of tape should stick out of the opening and about eighth inch of the tape should be under the fabric edge of the opening. The bumpy hook side of the tape should be touching the fabric at this one eighth inch overlap.

At the edge of the right back opening stitch through the fabric and the tape.

Lay a piece of loop tape completely inside the left side of the back opening. The loops should be out and the smooth side of the tape should be against the fabric.

Stitch down the tape through the fabric. At one eighth inch from the bottom of the tape, pivot the needle and stitch a few horizontal stitches. Pivot the needle again and stitch back up the tape.

For garments that need a second strip of hook and loop tape measure one half inch down from the first piece of tape and sew the second tape in the same manner as the first tape.

I like to use snag free Velcro. The snag free variety sticks to itself, so you don’t need to worry about hook and loop sides. To use this type of tape, split a single one inch length of tape in half lengthwise so that you have two narrow one inch lengths. Use one piece in place of the hook side and one piece in place of the loop side in the above instructions.


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