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Globe Pin Cushions

September 26th, 2010


My husband takes the photographs for my blog and downloads them for me. After he photographed my tomato pin cushion, he started thinking about making a globe pin cushion. This idea lead him into map research. He came up with a globe pattern. I helped with suggestions on darts and seam allowances.

We then did more experiments printing on fabric. We tried several commercial fabric sheets made to go through ink jet printers. Some of the commercial fabric sheets are treated to make the printer ink permanent. We also discovered a simpler way to make our own printable fabric sheets. We discovered a chemical used to make the ink permanent on homemade fabric sheets. We haven’t tried the chemical yet. I will let you know how it works for us. All of the products that we tried were made for the quilting industry. Quilting is a much more popular craft than dollmaking. If I had paid more attention to quilting news, I would have discovered these techniques earlier.

The fabric on this globe had not been pretreated to retain the ink. It was painted with Mod Podge to protect it. The coating gives it a shiny finish. The moon is the correct scale size for the earth, but it should be attached with a seven foot string to be the correct scale distance.

These globes were printed on June Taylor Sew-in Colorfast and Printed Treasures by Dritz. After the fabric was printed, it was rinsed and allowed to dry.  Then I cut out and sewed the globes. Both of these products were made for quilting appliques. They were not designed for the type of sewing required for the pin cushion, but I was able to make a pin cushion from each of them. The June Taylor sheets were stiffer and harder to sew.

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