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Finishing Seams with a Zigzag Stitch

July 25th, 2010


The easiest way to finish raw edges in doll clothes is by using the zigzag stitch on your machine. You do not need to change machines or find your pinking shears to finish the seam. It is also easy to sew small curves with a zigzag stitch.

Finishing two raw edges together

Sew the seam with a straight stitch.

Set the zigzag stitch about one eighth inch wide.

Make the zigzags close together, but not a satin stitch.

Zigzag close to the straight stitch so that there is about an one eighth inch raw edge.

Trim the seam close to the finished edge.

Press the seam to one side.

Finishing single edges in hems and casings

Sew near the edge to be finished.

Turn up the hem the desired amount and slipstitch.

For hems in A line garments add a machine gathering stitch next to the finished edge.

Pull the gathering thread until the hem lies lies flat against the skirt and slipstitch.


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