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A Work in Progress

July 22nd, 2012

Here is the doll I showed you last week. This week she has a yarn wig.

Today she is wearing the sundress from my book, Learn to Sew for your Doll. Seven and one half inch (19 cm) Florabunda is standing with her to show the eighteen inch (45 cm) doll’s larger size. I had to give my larger doll an ear transplant so that she could have a hair style that showed her ears. I had originally placed the ears too high on her head. I have redrafted the original pattern to show the new ear placement. The new draft also gives the doll shorter arms, a slimmer waist, and a shorter neck. I think that these slight changes will improve the doll’s appearance. In a week or two I will show you the doll constructed from the newly drafted pattern.

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Tweaking Toes, Ears, and Other Parts of a Doll Pattern

July 15th, 2012

I had a recent question from a reader about the feet/toes pattern that I was working on a month or so ago. If you are interested in cloth doll toes, I explain how to change a cloth doll foot pattern to add toes in an article for Soft Dolls and Animals! The magazine will publish my article in the January edition. (I think that it will be out in November.) The article also includes a pattern to add toes to their signature doll, Siggy.

I am using my new toe method in the eighteen inch (45 cm) doll pattern that I am working on now. Here is a picture of my work in progress.

The doll is wearing a purchased wig. I plan to give her a yarn wig before I start working on a new doll. The pattern will need a lot more tweaking before I can publish it. I put her ears too high on her head, poor thing. She also needs a shorter neck and a smaller waist. I am always surprised at how long it always takes to finish a doll pattern.

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Subtle Pattern Adjustments

July 8th, 2012

I am currently working on a pattern for an eighteen inch (45 cm) cloth doll. I made a cloth doll pattern for my own use several years ago. I decided to revisit my pattern  and turn it into publishable pattern. I ended up making a lot of changes. I have now sewn four test dolls in muslin. This week I plan to sew a doll out of my favorite cotton broadcloth with colored in facial features and sewn fingers and toes. I’m making two small changes in the body pattern without making a practice copy of the doll body. I have adjusted the body front and back  to take a small amount of fabric from her tummy and hips.

Here are before and after patterns for the body back.

The horizontal double pointed arrows are the same length in each pattern. The pattern on the left is slightly wider than the newer pattern on the right.

A close up of the hip area of the patterns shows that the newer pattern is about half a grid box narrower than the older pattern.

One half of a grid box is about one eighth inch or 3 mm. In doll design, small measurements are important.

When I have finished a doll that I like, I will post her picture.

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Christmas Shopping Ideas

November 20th, 2011

A kit of basic sewing tools is a nice gift for many people. Anyone who wants or needs to learn a few sewing skills would appreciate the gift. Check my free download “Tips, Tools, and Techniques” (available on my patterns page) for tool suggestions.
If you are making a doll wardrobe for a special little girl’s Christmas, she might enjoy a sewing kit. She could try her hand at sewing for her doll after Christmas. The pillow, pillowcase, and cover from my “Doll Bed and Accessories” pattern are excellent patterns for beginners. Next she can make the simple sundress  from my free sundress pattern. It is also a good pattern fro beginners.
With a few tools and instructions you might give someone a lifetime of sewing pleasure.

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My Newest Pattern

November 1st, 2011

We have just put my newest pattern, “Princess Ballgown and Classic Dress” on line. I have had a lot of fun designing this pattern. Here are two Madame Alexander dolls wearing the dresses.

If you would like to see other small dolls wearing the dresses, go to my pattern page and select the doll of your choice from the drop down window.

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A Few Things

October 30th, 2011

If you haven’t looked at my pattern page in a while, take a peek at Princess Irene’s picture. My husband has made the picture larger to fill the space.
I’m almost finished with my pattern for ballgowns and classic dresses. It should be available soon. I hope to soon post pictures of commercial dolls wearing the dresses.
I have an article in next issue of Soft Dolls and Animals! It is dated January 2012, but it should be out soon. I still have a lot of fun seeing my name in print. If you see this issue on the newsstand, take a minute to check out my article on page 43.

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Dolls in Classic Dresses

October 9th, 2011

The pattern I am currently designing for princesses’ ballgowns can change to a pattern for  girls’ classic dresses. Fabrics, trims, and skirt lengths make all the difference.
Here are my three small dolls in their classic dresses.

The girls have dressed up before having  tea from my dainty tea set. The set is new. I couldn’t resist showing it. It was hand painted by Ellen Westmoreland, a friend of mine. Ellen’s business is called Ellen’s Hand Painted Treasures.
To see the ballgowns check my posts for September 18 and 25.

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Two More Princesses

September 25th, 2011

I have finished Tender Heart and Twinkle’s ballgowns. Tender Heart’s gown has a slightly higher neckline than the ballgowns for the two smaller dolls.
I am happy with the design My husband copied the patterns into the computer and tidied them up for me. I still have to edit my instructions. I also need to sew the dresses with shorter skirts and less elaborate trims to make a modern version of the pattern.
Here are Tender Heart and Twinkle in their ballgowns.

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A Princess Ball Gown

September 18th, 2011

My current pattern project is a ball gown for young princesses. I am designing it to fit my three small dolls. It is made with a bodice that stops at  the natural waist and a gathered skirt. With a shorter skirt and simpler decoration than the elaborate ornaments necessary for princesses, the pattern can make a classic little girl dress.
Here is Florabunda in her princess dress.
I am almost finished with Tender Heart and Twinkle’s dresses. I will show them to you next week. I hope to have the pattern completed in a few weeks.

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Thinking About Christmas

September 4th, 2011

I like to dress a few dolls for give away at Christmas. My daughter always loved stuffed animals more than dolls when she was a child, so for my own pleasure, I started giving dolls away at Christmas. There are always toy drives that welcome dolls and their wardrobes. Occasionally I donate dressed dolls to charity auctions or craft shows.
This year ordered a Littlest Pet Shop Blythe doll. I thought that I might dress her and then donate her as one of my Christmas dolls. I hadn’t realized how small she is. I still may make her some clothing, but I will need to use doll house doll clothes patterns. These dolls are well made and attractive. I think that the hair is well done, especially on such a small doll. I am not certain if more clothes will add to Blythe’s play value. (Blythe is a world traveling pet sitter.) If I do decide to dress this doll, I will show you the results.
If you have looked at the American Girl website lately, you may have noticed that they are offering three new mini dolls. One of them is Ivy. I had wondered why they hadn’t offered her before. Because they still have mini dolls for all the American Girl dolls, even those that they have retired, there is a mini doll for just about any girl’s coloring and facial features. Any of the dolls can be dressed as a girl of today using the Twinkle size of my patterns. Save the original costume for dress up day. These are exquisite little dolls. I will certainly dress one or two of them for Christmas projects. Any time that I see one of them, I want to sew her some more clothes.

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